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Hey! Whether your Boiler is not heating to the expected temperature?

Are you having trouble with achieving the expected energy efficiency from your heating system?

Do you suspect a malfunction in your Boiler and Heating System?

This might be due to a number of reasons!

You can fix all these issues if you knew why you are facing these problems:

Hold on…. read until the end to find answers for your problem……….

The answer for the above problems could be quite tricky but let us analyse the situation one by one below.

The problem could be due to faulty valves, leaks or malfunctioning controls.

A professional plumber would be able to identify these problems and fix them ensuring that your Boiler and heating system is performing efficiently as expected according to the rating and the specifications provided by the Boiler Manufacturer.

  1. Faulty Valves:

Check for proper functioning of the pressure release valve, temperature and pressure Gauge, Low water cutoff device, Flame failure safety device, Gas Leak detector, Carbon Monoxide detector, Backflow preventor, Safety Drain Valve!

A pressure release valve prevents the accumulation of excess pressure by automatically releasing the excess pressure once it reaches the threshold protecting the boiler from damage or explosion.

A Low water cutoff device shuts off the boiler when the water level falls below a threshold level preventing dry firing.

Flame Failure Safety Device monitors the presence of flame in the Boilers Combustion Chamber and halts the fuel supply whenever the flame extinguishes thus preventing the release of unburnt gases.

A Gas leak Detection System triggers an alarm or shuts off gas supply when a leak is detected. Check for the proper functioning of the sensors used in the Gas Leak Detection System.

Backflow preventer installed on water supply lines prevents the backflow of contaminated water into the public water supply preventing contamination between boiler system and potable water supply.

Safety Drain valve- It releases the excess pressure or water from the boiler system, thus eliminating the risk of system failure or damage.

An experienced plumber being certified would be able to identify these faults and mitigate the problem ensuring proper functioning of the Boiler.

  1. Leaks:

Leaks may occur due to improper pipe insulation which may result in reduced energy efficiency and heat loss. Proper Insulation material should be used in plumbing pipes that carry hot water or steam to reduce heat loss and improve energy efficiency.
Consult your plumber to choose the right insulation material for your boiler pipe insulation.

The boiler casing can also be insulated to maintain higher temperature inside the boiler enhancing energy efficiency of the boiler.

Insulating the boiler room helps to maintain and regulate proper energy efficient atmosphere. The doors, walls and ceiling of the boiler room should be properly insulated to prevent heat loss and maintain a regulated temperature inside the boiler room.

  1. Malfunctioning controls:

Identifying malfunctioning controls in a boiler system is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and safety of the system.

Check the thermostat, inspect the pressure gauge, monitor unusual noises such as banging, whistling, or gurgling sounds which might indicate trapped air, mineral deposits or pump issues. Look for leaks, check pilot light, check safety controls such as pressure relief valves, temperature limit switches and ensure they are functioning correctly.
Observe cyclic patterns, Analyze flue gas emissions, check for error codes, Inspect Water Levels.

In Summary: It is highly recommended to consult a certified and trustworthy plumbing services to inspect, maintain and troubleshoot your boiler and heating system regularly so that it is working efficiently at the optimal level providing an enhanced and longer life span.

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