Can a Plumber in Texas perform Boiler Installation?

Whether a plumber is authorized to do Boiler Installation in Texas?

Plumbers certified as Gas Safe Engineers can do Boiler Installation in Texas. Water Heaters are used to dispense water to taps, showers and other faucets in homes. The qualified plumber should comply with building safety standards while Installing a boiler.

Normally plumbers charge £400 to £500 for one day’s work, £700 to £1,200 for two days, and £1,000 to £2,000 for three during Boiler Installation.

• Usually Boilers are fitted with seven pipes namely- A gas supply pipe,Mains cold water inlet,Hot water outlet,Central heating flow pipe,Central heating return pipe,Pressure relief pipe,Condensate pipe.

The flow pipe carries hot water from the Boiler to the radiators, floor heating systems, hot water outlets like shower heads, taps and faucets in a typical home whereas the return pipe carries the water back to the Boiler from the radiator after the heat exchange happens with the radiator.

Furnaces heat air which is distributed throughout the house using ducts, whereas a boiler heats water and carries either hot water or steam for heating. Steam radiators are used to distribute steam via pipes for heating and hot water is distributed through baseboard radiators for heating the home.

While Flushing the boiler one has to shut off water and electricity to the boiler, wait for the water to cool, then open all radiator vents and connect a hose from the boiler’s drain. Once the hose is connected, wait for the dirty water to clear.

Boiler flue pipes are used to move gases and hot air from the combustion chamber of the boiler to outside. With condensing boilers, the flue is effectively part of the heating system, as it is the heat from the burned gases that starts warming the returning water from the system.

Boiler is a plumbing appliance uses wood, coal, oil, natural gas, or resistance heating elements to heat water.

Boiler Installations are performed by Heating Engineers rather than a plumber, since they are more familiar with a particular issue. While shifting or replacing a Boiler the heating engineer is conversant with the calculation of Boiler size.

Many a times people go for a new Boiler system without proper diagnosis of the existing boiler which can be a very costly affair. It is better to consult a certified plumber or a heating engineer before replacing the existing boiler system with a new and larger one.

After a thorough survey of the existing boiler system site and going through the history of the performance of the heating system it was decided to perform a system cleanse as an alternative to replacing the entire Boiler system which would have been a very costly affair for the client.

The professionals performed a chemical cleanse of the system and after returning to the site after a short period of time it was found that the system with proper circulation restored, the building was heating efficiently eliminating the need for replacing the boiler system and saving huge investment from the client. The restoration of the old boiler was done with only a fraction of the budget required for installing a new boiler system.

In another case history, a 150 apartments situated in one of the historical places having an ageing commercial boiler system, it was recommended to go for an independent boiler system for each apartment providing both heating and hot water. After providing a competitive price the task was entrusted to experienced professionals who had to perform the installation in a 100 year old property that was not designed for installation of modern and independent boilers.

The professionals executing the job had a difficulty in accessing the upper storey’s since the lifts were small and the only access was through stairs and the hardwood floors restricted pipework. The men at work completed the job well before the given time frame and to the complete satisfaction of the individual apartment owners in spite of the complication involved in installing the boilers. The individual apartment owners were impressed with the flexibility of the personnel who worked closely with each individual apartment owner in designing an unique solution suitable for their apartment. Each apartment ranged from one bedroom to four bed rooms.

In another incidence a Rugby Club was hosting a wedding ceremony and the contractors installing the fence had put their digger through the gas supply pipe to their boiler. The team comprising of both commercial and domestic experts instantly worked on a 90mm MDPE pipe and found 3 leaks and all of them were fixed by the team instantly.The team was swift to respond to the damage caused by the contractor installing the fence and to fix the major gas pipe damaged by the contractors.

In yet another landmark project comprising of ground source heat pumps and hot water systems across residential flats the team considered both air and ground heat pumps. Further, after discussing with the client it was found that ground source heat pumps were more suitable due to cheaper running costs and well suited to the property.
The client was very much satisfied with the team right from the initial stage of the project until the complete handover of the installation of the ground source heat pumps with respect to customer service, standards demonstrated with respect to the quality of work. Client also said they were very much pleased and would recommend this kind of installing renewable heating to other landlords.

In conclusion: It is recommended to consult an experienced and qualified plumber or heating engineer when it comes to Installing and maintaining a boiler system in Texas in order to ensure the heating system performs to the expected efficiency as per the manufacturers recommendation and also has a longer life span. One has to avail the services of the right personnel based upon the nature of installation required while installing a boiler and heating system in Texas and surrounding areas, and only authorized and qualified person should be entrusted with the job while installing a Boiler and heating system.

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